Steps for selecting the right instructor

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Start by screening potential instructors

Review instructor profiles
Closely review their biography and teaching experience.

Read student reviews
See what other Reverb Lessons students who’ve hired a particular instructor in the past have to say. Their insight about a instructor performance and personality can help you decide if someone is a good fit for your lessons.

Identify Background Checks
Teachers with the Background Checked badge on their profile have opted to undergo (and have passed) a thorough background check. Background checks are provided by Checkr.

Reach out to your short list

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few candidates, it’s time to reach out. When you connect with an instructor, we recommend you communicate through the Reverb Lessons website (see How can I contact my instructor?).

Verify your instructor’s history and background

Feel free to ask for student references to gain additional insight. Be sure to verify that the information your instructor has given you is correct, and ask questions about how he or she performed while teaching.



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