Can I keep my current rates on TakeLessons?

Reverb Lessons -

Yes, you can set your rates however you like.  All TakeLessons instructors set their own rates and are in full control of what they earn at all times, so you can continue earning what you were earning before (or more if you'd like). When you walk through the TakeLessons onboarding process, the flow will prompt you to enter how much you'd like to earn per lesson. Earnings are entirely up to you. Once you enter how much you'd like to earn per lesson, TakeLessons will calculate the price that students pay in the TakeLessons marketplace.


For your existing students, they can either go through the TakeLessons website to book additional lessons with you at the new TakeLessons price, or you can work with your students directly (not through TakeLessons) to collect payments at your previous Reverb rates. Either way, you can set your earnings to whatever rate you'd like for any new students you receive through TakeLessons. Plus, when you start receiving new TakeLessons students and keep those students coming back, TakeLessons will give you additional earning bonuses for strong retention.

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